Thursday, April 30, 2009

Auburn uses limos for coaches recruiting tour

Seven football coaches of Auburn are using stretch limos to make there way across the state as they visit high school prospects. The so called "Tiger Prowl" is a way of trying to turn back the "tide" of in state recruits that have been going to Alabama since 2007, when Nick Saban took over the head coaching duties there.

Traditionally, the assistant coaches who go out on such recruiting tours (head coaches are verboten at this time of the year according to NCAA rules) travel separately, and can say little to prospects beyond "hello". However, by traveling together in a limo, the Auburn Coaches have created a buzz, and now crowds wait there arrival at the high schools they are visiting.

Hopefully some of the local schools here in Northern California (hello, Sac State? Anyone listening?) might take a clue and try out one of our limos, maybe even our Party Bus!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

KSFM Cinco de Mayo 2009

I am pleased to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive transportation company for KSFM's Cinco de Mayo Festival being held this Sunday.

The performers include AKON, Baby Bash, Paula DeAnda (yes!), HardNox and Elijah King. Although the festival itself is sold out, you can still win tickets by listening to KSFM.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheese Cupid

I have always wondered whether I am picking the right cheese to go with the wine that I serve. Now, thanks the the "Cheese Cupid" site, I will never have this worry again. Simple in design, the site provides a quick reference to which cheese to serve not only with red and white wines, but also beer and selected whiskeys.

For example. you can serve Asiago and Gruyere cheese, with a Cab, Pinot or Chardonnay. However, if you are serving bubbly, you should stick with a Brie, Camembert, Edam or Gouda.

The only problem with the site? Well, it is not really a problem, but the site was developed by makers of Wisconsin and not California cheeses!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congratulations to Amador County Branch of American River Bank

In a heated competition with other branches of American River Bank as well as those of Five Star Bank, the employees of the Amador County Branch of ARB sold the most "stars" to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation of Sacramento.

As a reward, Luxury Limousines will be picking up 20 employees of this Branch in our Party Bus today and taking them to the River Cats Game, where they will be hosted by the Cats in one of their Party Suites.

If you would like to find out how your friends at work could have a similar experience (and without having to sell anything), then check out our "Office Day Getaway" Promotion we having with the Cats.

Friday, April 24, 2009

May is a big month for community events

We are proud to be sponsors of three major charity this month.

The first is on May 17th is the Annual Twilight Walk for Wishes benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation.

Next, on May 23, we are sponsors of Hope Productions "Walk 'n Rock for Kids". This unique event features a walk in the morning and a concert by the legendary group Journey in the evening. Best of all, we will be providing transportation for Journey's "journey" while in Sacramento.

Finally, we are sponsors of the Second Annual Make a Wish Poker Tournament which is once again being held at Morton's. This years event is being held on May 30th. Morton's will be providing the food and drink, and three of the local casinos are providing the dealers as well as a tournament director. If you have never played in a live tournament before, this a great way to experience what is like while enjoying a great atmosphere and helping a wonderful charity.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our day on Spring Mountain

Well to be honest, about half our day was on Spring Mountain and the other half was spent down exploring in the Valley. For now, I will just recap the two wineries we vistited on Spring Mountain.

We started off at a new winery for us, Keenan. Our host here was Scott Stoker, a Certified Wine Educator. Scott spends most of his time at Pride, but hosts the tasting room at Keenan on Sundays and he made our trip worthwhile. Tastings are free, and the wines are very reasonably priced. Although I am not a big white wine guy, I must admit to picking up a couple of bottles of their Chardonnay, which was surprisingly crisp. I find so many Napa Chards are much to "oakey" for my taste - quite honestly, Keenan's Chard was more like a very fine Sauvignon Blanc.

From there, we traveled less than a mile to one of my favorite wineries, Barnett. Our host there was the wonderful Jackie St. Martin. Since we were there last, Barnett has completed their cave The cave has allowed them to consolidate all of their operations in one central location. However, the real reason to visit Barnett is two fold - their wonderful "Rattlesnake Hill Cab", and the stunning views that are available, especially from their picnic area which sits on top of that very hill.

One word of caution - both of these wineries offer tastings by appointment only. This allows for a much more intimate, relaxed and informative visit.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off to Spring Mountain

I apologize for the lack of recent posts, but between the end of the tax filing season and allergies combined with a cold, I have not been up to posting. However, I am feeling much better this morning, and consequently, I am off to the Spring Mountain District of the Napa Valley to visit Keenan Winery and Barnett Vineyards.

I have been to Barnett before, and as you can see from the accompanying picture, the property affords gorgeous views. Most of Barnett's vineyards are planted on slopes of 30 degrees or more, which makes tending to the vines much more difficult. I especially like their Rattlesnake Hill Cab, and am looking forward to trying their latest release.

This is also going to be a great opportunity to try out the new mobile blogging application that I just installed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doggie Limo!

Although we occasionally allow dogs in our cars, we really don't encourage our customers to bring their canine friends along. However, if you are a dog lover like yours truly, you just might be interested in the new dog friendly version of the Honda Element. Features include:

  1. A spill resistant water bowl

  2. An extendable cargo area ramp for easy access

  3. A cushioned pet bed

  4. A pet restraint system

  5. And even a 12V rear ventilation fan

For more information, check out this news release.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making a Limo

Ever wondered just how a car gets stretched into a limousine? Here is a great little video made in the UK, but featuring limousines being stretched by the manufacturer of two of our own limos, Tiffany.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

River Cats Home Opener Is This Thursday

The Sacramento River Cats take the field Thursday night in hopes of defending their Triple-A Championship for the third year in a row. This year, Luxury Limousines will be there with them, as noted in this week's Business Journal, we are now official partners of the Cats.

We will participating in numerous events including the upcoming Green Awareness Weekend, their Corporate Partners Golf Tournament, and three Office Getaway Promotions. We will also have a table concourse at different times during the season. We will be publishing more information on these events as the season progresses.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Come Zin With Us!

Looking for something close by to do this weekend? How about taking the short drive (preferably in a limo of course!) down to Clarksville and check out the Wineries of the Old Sugar Mill as they present "Come Zin With Us".

You can taste over 50 wines in just one location (believe me, if you only try half of them, you will need a limo!). Included are wines from favorite local vintner, Todd Taylor. Also pouring from 11 - 5 this weekend will be the Carvalho Family Winery, Heringer Estates and the Solomon Wine Company.

Call our office today for special weekend rates.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will Sacramento be next?

I know this image is a little risque, but then again, so is this story.

Inflation has hit the Las Vegas strip clubs, as there are now confirmed reports that the doorman at some of the clubs are paying $100 a customer to cab and limo drivers who drop off their passengers for a night of adult entertainment.

According to an article in today's Nevada Appeal, the long standing secret agreement between club owners was to pay $50 per customer. However, with the decline in LV tourism, the value of each paying customer has increased, and now club owners are battling it out between themselves for each and every customer. The net result is a windfall for chauffeurs.

Unfortunately, inflation hasn't hit Sacramento, as the standard rate our drivers receive (or at least what they tell me!) is only $5 per customer. Hopefully, we will be next!